Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist 8
welcome to garudyne! my home away from home! i'm mara, and i'll be your guide to the midnight channel , a wonderful place, full of information, secrets, and general tomfoolery!

garudyne is my slice of the internet where i can be myself! my pet project webbed site, where i talk about me, the things that i like, and my life, free from judgement of the world. consider it... well, my little autism dumping ground (LOL). i'm not all that good at coding so this site is primarily made with a layout, credited here! but we try our best around here anyways! if you like my site, say something nice on my neocities page, and i might respond!

this whole site is primarily themed after persona 4's tv world because i am insane and autistic. let's get along anyways though! hopefully you'll like looking at my site as much as i like making it let's eat ashphalt together :]

mara feels: good!

OUUUUUUUUU lets go! new page up, after what... so many months..? i'm about to go game with pals, so i'll catch you all later!

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