i'm mara and i'm the webhost with the webmost(? idk lol). i run the place! and i make sure it doesn't catch fire. which it does. frequently.

i've gone by a plethora of names online, but mara and garudyne seems to be what we're sticking with. i'm 19 (06/28) and i use he/it prns. he because i'm a boy and it because i'm a computer. i'm not good at coding, but i'm good at fucking around and finding out.

off the net, i draw pictures and work at my job i hate. i also play a fuckton of tabletop roleplay games with my friends all the time. i have been trapped in tabletop purgatory since feb 20, 2023.

fav show: trigun (tv 1998)
fav game: persona 4 golden
fav band: nine inch nails
fav flavor of monster: the mango one
fav color: orange